Gayle Mill has a long history as a working mill and throughout its life has been the home for craftsmen and women skilled in working with textiles and wood. Today we carry on this tradition through our expert guides and craftsmen who share this knowledge and skills with our visitors.

Below are some of our current workshops which are run throughout the year and are a fantastic way to both stay in touch with Gayle Mill and its important work, but also a way to learn some of these heritage crafts for yourself.


Hands-on Heritage Woodworking Experience Day. Saturday 29th April 9.00am - 5.00pm. 

Come for a full day and with expert tuition learn how to use some of the Victorian Machinery here at Gayle Mill.  You will receive one to one guidance throughout the day in how to turn wood on a lathe, use a circular saw, process wood on the planer thicknesser, operate the bandsaw  all using power from the Victorian water driven turbine.  You will produce a stunning bespoke item of woodwork to take home and keep.  All tuition, materials, lunch and other refreshments are included in this unique Experience Day at t’mill.

All tuition, materials and lunch included. Minimum age 16

Price £175.00



Hands-on Heritage Introduction to Blacksmithing – Sunday 14th May 10.00am – 4:30pm. 

Adrian Wood is an expert Blacksmith well-known to enthusiasts at Gayle Mill.  With his assistant Andy, his courses are always very popular because their  tuition style, a blend of explanation and demonstration, makes the process of hot forging and shaping the steel seem so easy!  All tuition, materials, lunch and refreshments included in this full hands-on day.

All tuition, materials and lunch included. Minimum age 16

Price £95.00

This course is sold out the next available course is Sunday 24th September


Hands-on Woodturning Course – Saturday 20th May 10.00am – 4.30pm. 

Come to Gayle Mill for a full day and learn how to use a wood turning lathe. Create your own hand-turned wooden bowl to take home.  All tuition, materials, lunch and other refreshments are included in the day.

All tuition materials and lunch included.
Minimum age 16

Price £75.00



Hands-on Heritage Wheelwrighting. Saturday 8th July 9.00am - 5.00pm. 

You can join us, as did Guy Martin in Channel 4’s ‘How Britain Worked’ to have a real hands-on experience in making a traditional steel-hooped hot bonded cartwheel from scratch. All participants work as a team of six and together help to make the hub, two spokes each and a felly and work together to hot bond a steel hooped rim onto the wooden wheel. All tuition, lunch and other refreshments are included and if you wish, you even have the opportunity to buy the wheel you have helped to make, on a first come basis!

All tuition and lunch included. Minimum age 16

Price £80.00


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  • Rag Rugging

    Born from thrift and the ultimate in recycling, known as rag rugs in Yorkshire and peg rugs in other parts of the country, this skill originally turned old and worn out clothes into rags which are then threaded through hessian to make beautiful and useful hearth and floor rugs which last for many years.

  • Jewellery Making

    Be inspired to try different techniques and make your own beautiful jewellery. Jewellery making is a craft that can be learnt quickly and produce good results so that you have something to take home or give as a gift even after one days practice.

  • Woodcarving

    Learn the basics of relief woodcarving with our own woodcarver Peter Berry, who will teach you how to design and carve your own unique artwork and how to use the tools and equipment that you need.

  • Dry Stone Walling

    Dry stone walls are one of the wonders of the Yorkshire Dales and built properly, without any mortar, will stand for decades. This is a rare chance to repair some of the walls around Gayle Mill and become part of its built heritage for years to come.

  • Wheelwrighting

    There aren’t many wheelwrights in the country but Gayle Mill has some of them and they are happy to share their knowledge and skills with you to produce a traditional wooden wheel, and culminating in the impressive ring of flame when the wheel is hooped. This really is an almost unique experience.

  • Blacksmithing

    We work closely with artist blacksmith Adrian Wood who teaches from beginners to advanced blacksmithing in a day. Learn the dark art of forging and bending metal to your will to make beautiful wrought iron items to grace your home for years to come.

  • Stone Slate Roofing

    This is a truly local skill and one much valued in the Dales where most of the roofs are made of the local stone slate. Stay in touch with tradition and learn how to construct and maintain these roofs from a local roofing expert.

  • Willow Weaving

    Always popular you will learn how to craft items from willow and take them home with you. Willow pigs are especially popular but beware - everyone will want you to make them one for Christmas!

  • Ceramic Button Making

    Let your imagination run riot and learn how to make your very own buttons in stoneware, porcelain and Fimo clays with local potter and artist Liz Carlisle including glazes and how to use them.

  • Corsages & Headdresses

    The secrets to floristry and making your own corsages and headdresses - ideal if you have a wedding or event coming up and would like to truly personalise your buttonholes, or just want to know how it’s done.

  • Experience Day

    Spend the day learning how to use the original Victorian machinery to make your own item to take home, then our Hands on Heritage Experience Day is perfect. It is a rare opportunity to work in the Mill in a small group and learn from our experienced craftsmen and women.

  • Bookbinding

    Another ancient skill brought to life with expert tuition. A chance to make your own special book - maybe for a wedding, guest book or photo album?

  • Christmas Wreath

    More festive fun at t’Mill making your own Christmas wreath and learning how to build up the greenery and wire in decorations, fruit and cones or whatever takes your eye, be it traditional or modern.

  • Christmas Table Decoration

    Get in the Christmas spirit and have fun making your own Christmas table decorations. Ribbons, bows and sparkles are obligatory!

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